A little bit about me

About Kyle
Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.

Vince Lombardi

HTML 101 in 2006

Ever since my first web design class back in 2006, I’ve had a website that I’m working on. From side hobbies to portfolios, from online forums to fantasy football websites, and of course business websites.

What started as a single class and some side hobbies have turned into a very active +10 years of web design.

Proud Wisconsinite

The majority of the work I’ve done has been in-house agency work. For years because of my agency work when I lived in Appleton, WI & Green Bay, WI. I would often pass our clients or see their Ads on the highway or on TV. 

Being surrounded by companies you’ve helped succeed is a great feeling. In my career, I’ve worked on over +100 websites re-designing many of them. Today I live in Virginia.

Commitment to Progress

It was about five years ago when I started to really get serious about becoming better every day.

Around that time I focused heavily on becoming a better designer and programmer. What I love about the web is that it is ever-changing and evolving. There is always something new to learn.

Looking Forward

Nowadays I’m always looking for an opportunity to do something new, challenging, and creative. I learned early on to continue to push the limits of what I know how to do.

I’m very grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had so far. What gets me excited is the knowledge that my best projects are yet to come.

What matters to me is pushing for excellence. Attempting perfection, that’s what creative passion is about. Where you get caught up in the purity of your potential. I believe it is the goal of any artist. These moments we stand still to observe in awe. When you return you’ve been changed by your creation.

Quote inspired by BSG

Kyle James
Fun Fact: Kyle’s web career started from one single web class about the basics, & because he said “Hello!” to someone twice at a career fair.
The Herminath Clan
Fun Fact: Herminath is a very rare name, before my people came to America they were called “Herminott”.
Emily Joy
Fun Facts: Emily & I met at a Halloween Party, got engaged the next Halloween, & married on New Years.
Joel David
Fun Facts: First born, named after a legendary grandpa, & he is a super low-key stud.
Mia Jean
Fun Facts: MJ is a very happy young lady who loves her family, long naps, & warm milk.
Valerie la València
Fun Facts: Name means Valerie the Brave or Strong. She already has 10+ popular songs named after her.